UPDATE: IA Season Almost Over

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Heyyyy, so maybe I should have thought about how hard it would be to balance being in IB and having an IB blog. But, it's kind of too late now, right? So here's what happened in the past month and a half.

1. I got into all the UK schools I applied to woohoo!
2. My predicted grades are the worst thing ever, and thinking about them make me want to jump off of a bridge okay next point
3. I HAVE HAD TO DO SO MANY IAs ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY JANUARY IS JUST IA AFTER IA AFTER IA AFTER IA, I honestly almost died it was like never ending all-nighters.
4. I applied to Canadian schools but my chances of getting in are slim to none with my predicted grades, no joke, I have been completely screwed over.

Let me tell you guys something, beg your teachers as much as possible, it didn't work for me, but it could work for you, well if your teachers like you that is. Try and convince them that you can get the grade you want on the exam and prove to them how you can. I hear a lot of people that it actually worked for, and there's no point in not trying right? It really sucked for me :( Pretty much every class I was predicted one point under than I thought I would get, so great right? But, I've found ways to get past it and not think about it as much. If all of this doesn't work out it happened for a reason right?

So far all of my IAs have been pretty good expect for my IOP for English, that went horribly in so many ways I cannot even begin to describe. Although most of the other ones went pretty good, and all I have left are my Math IA, which I know will kill me, french orals and a couple other IAs for Theatre. I think I can make it, I am soooo close, and soon enough exams will be over and I can actually start to appreciate what life has to offer again. There are some IAs that I'd like to go into detail on how to do, ones that I have done that is, but I want to wait until I finish most of them. I'm thinking of also making videos, on how to do different IAs, as that could be a little easier!

Later Days

Peace, Love, IB

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