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I was a good kid once, I was, promise. I would come home after dance practice, soccer, or track, and I would get started on my homework after a quick snack or a nice lay down, and usually finish by 8 right before all the good shows came on. That has changed though, it all changed when I entered the IB program. IB in a way is actually suppose to make you less of a procrastinator because you have so much work, and it is better to get that all done and out of the way right? Wrong, in most cases, joining the IB will make you more of a procrastinator. Want to know why? It is because you are so overloaded with projects, presentations, and tests to study for that you won't know where to start and everything will be too much, and you'll most likely end up taking a nap or staring at a wall for four hours trying to figure out what to work on first. Yes I know that might seem a little drastic, but I promise you I am not over exaggerating. Although, do not blame IB, blame your time management skills. The amount of work you get is a lot, yes, but it is manageable, and I know a lot of people who can get to sleep before midnight, or even dare I say it 10pm, with all of their work finished. You just need to have good time management skills, and be organized. Make a calendar for yourself, set reminders on your phone, organize your papers, prioritize your work, and I promise you it won't be too hard. It is actually easier when you have other  activities, or hobbies you do, because you'll feel as if you are following an actual schedule, and not just a set of times for when to do different homework assignments. Get projects, and presentations done at least one day before the day it's due, working on a project the day before, is never particularly smart. You will end up staying up super late, and either becoming so tired you won't even know what you're doing, or just give up because you want to sleep. It's always best to get it done ahead of time, so the day before you can just add finishing touches. IB will never be easy, but without procrastination, your life will become so much easier. I got through what I like to call "The Wall Of Procrastination" around March, I recommended that you do not wait that long to fix your ways. Knock that "Wall of Procrastination" down no longer than two months into school! Good luck guys, and stay tuned for more updates!

Peace. Love. IB

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