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I've been gone for two weeks, and all of you, my two followers, have probably been wondering where I've been and what I've been doing. Or you remembered that this is an IB blog, and I myself am in IB, and I have been over-occupied with IB work. Though honestly, what is new??? When is this not the case. Anyways the last two weeks have been only four day weeks, so it hasn't been that bad, but this week is back to the normal five day week and I honestly do not think that Ia capable of handling it. The last two weeks have not been horrible but they have been fairly tiresome. I'll tell you what went down in each class.

Math SL- We had a test last class. What I hate about math is the fact that I literally understand everything to the point where I can no longer take in any more knowledge, but when I get the test its like BAM nothing makes sense. Or everything still makes sense and I think I did really good and then I get back my test and have a bunch of tiny mistakes that add up to a huge amount and result in me failing YAY :) Math for sure will be the biggest struggle for me this year. Its so weird, before IB, math used to be my favorite class, and now its the class that I have to pray before every test for. I think we're getting the tests back tomorrow and I honestly just feel sick thinking about it so ON TO THE NEXT CLASS.

TOK- Nothing really new in this class as usual it's pretty chill, although we do have to start thinking about TOK essay topic so yeah its getting pretty real. 

Geography HL- So this whole year we haven't got any big case studies and its both wonderful and scary, because every class I'd just be paranoid about getting one but then not having any made my life a hundred times easier. I honestly assumed I was balancing everything so well because I changed over the summer haha, but maybe its because I didn't get any geo case studies. Well I'll see, because last class he gave us one yay!:):):)(sarcasm) It's due in a week, but I promised myself I'd start it early, so here goes. 

French SL- We had two quizzes, I aced one of them but completely bombed the other, and its all because I forgot how to conjugate in the present tense, yes the present tense. I aced a quiz from a topic she just taught us, but I failed a quiz on something I have been learning since 9th grade. Oh well, I will for sure kill the next couple quizzes I'm really hoping for an A in this class!

English HL- English has been really fun this year, we have been deciphering poems, and reading Hamlet. I have become a pro at deciphering Margaret Atwood poems. Throw any of her poems at me and I can easily thoroughly explain what it means to you *flips hair.* Just kidding I am not that great, but I have honestly gotten better at it, I've never been able to analyze literature well, so I'm glad I am improving. Hamlet is also quite interesting, maybe Shakespeare isn't so boring. 

Theater HL- SO MUCH WORK, but now I finally understand everything that I am doing. I am AIMING for a 7 in this class, so I'm going to try my hardest to make sure that everything is done to perfection. Currently I am working on my RI and my IP. If you are just entering the program and are taking Theater HL, I'll give you a little insight on what those two acronyms mean. The RI is a research paper that you write based on the research you found from a specific type of theater. I am doing Kathakali Theater! The IP is an independent project. There's a performance aspect of it, and the write up, right now I am currently working on the performance part. I'm writing my IP based on acting, you can do it on directing, or even tech. For my performance I am doing a monologue from a Neil Simon play!

Chemistry HL- We have a test on Tuesday PRAY FOR ME. I repeat PRAY FOR ME!!! I am so scared. This will be the first time since, the beginning of last year that I actually understand all of the criteria and I can do all of the practice problems and everything, but I am still so scared. This test is everything. If I don't get an A on this test I will honestly just collapse. I have never stressed so much for a test. Tomorrow I am dedicating my whole time after school on studying for that test. It's on oxidation & reduction! The past two weeks have basically been labs, and learning more oxidation&reduction stuff, it has been pretty chill, and it is actually one of my favorite classes! 

Adios amigos! See ya guys when I have swam myself back out of my work load! Hopefully it won't be too long.

Peace. Love. IB. 

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