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GUYS I just want to start off by saying my first year of IB actually changed my life. I learned more in that year than I did in all my previous years of school combined. I was actually challenged, but in the process I was scarred both mentally and physically. Okay, maybe not physically, but every time I was assigned another geography case study due the same day as a math test, Id feel as if I was being stabbed in the gut. SO you know what, yes both mentally AND physically scarred. It was a year filled with plenty of firsts. I will start by naming these "Firsts" and if you experienced them too after your first year comment below adding other "Firsts" that you experienced. If you are entering IB this year, here are some of the things you're going to deal with. Or at least try to.

1. It was my first time pulling two all-nighters in a row, that's right 48 consecutive hours of no sleep.
2. It was my first time faking sick so I could stay home and get my homework done, if that isn't sad tell me what is.
3. It was my first time sleeping in the library or basically anywhere during lunch.
4. It was my first time not getting the best grades on tests, I was a try hard to the extreme before IB.
5. It was my first time procrastinating, I'll talk more about the subject of procrastination in another post, it definitely needs to be further analyzed.
6. It was my first time bringing my laptop with me to school, way more than often, to get work done.
7. It was my first time having to set 2am alarms to wake up and start my homework after naps
8. Lastly it was my first time having to work hard in every class, because every class involves a lot of time put into it.

The first year of IB is the year you literally learn everything, but the most important thing you come out with is how important sleep is. You will never value sleep more until you're up for the second day in a row at 4am and all you're thinking is "the things I would do just to close my eyes for 10 minutes." Or you're in your second class of the day and the only thoughts running through your mind are "I cannot freaking wait until I get home and I can take a nap."

NEVER say "whatever sleep is for the weak," OKAY BECAUSE SLEEP IS NOT FOR THE WEAK, IT IS THE ONLY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE THAT WILL TRULY KEEP YOU GOING THROUGH THIS YEAR. Keep in mind that you won't really be able to process a lot when you are lacking sleep. I remember in a lot of math classes I would walk out not even remembering what just happened, and I suffered the consequences. Always make sure you get a good amount of sleep, especially since in IB you're learning something new everyday.

Stay Positive, and Stay Tuned for more updates :)

Peace, Love, IB.

Want to Know Why You're Here?

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If you are on this blog you are either

1.In the IB program currently and about to enter another painful year

2.About to enter IB for the first time, and are extremely curious or

3.You literally just got here for no reason, you have no idea what 'IB' even is and you probably just misspelled 'I'm'

Something I learned after becoming apart of the IB community, was the whole aspect of being a companion  to almost anyone. It was astounding, yet delightful to know that I could rely on someone to turn  something in for me, if I knew I was going to be late. Or for someone to trust that Id get any missed assignment for them if they couldn't make it to class. Just the fact that all of us in the program could relate to one thing. IB. The source for our misery, and our joy. What I want this blog to focus on is just that. I want to bond with not only the other IB students in my class, but the other IB students of the world. I want to relate with you, cry with you, and of course survive with you. If you want to make IB more enjoyable follow this blog, for homework playlists, tips, tricks, and emotional rants. Let’s struggle together.

Stay tuned for more failure and disappointment to come.

Peace. Love. IB.
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