Don't. Stress.

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written in like 7 years, but life has been ruff! This week I lost my macbook air, along with everything in it. You're all in IB so you know that loosing your laptop means loosing your life. It was so hard to get through this week knowing that its not with me, I just want to believe that someone will return it, and I won't believe its gone, I just won't.

On the bright side kinda, I am doing pretty well in English! It's the only class that I have not screwed up in yay! Other than that, I haven't been doing the greatest and it is really stressful. Everything is so stressful and report cards are coming out soon, I really don't know what to do.

Although, what I've realized this week is that stressing doesn't do anything but just make matters worse. Don't stress. Just relax. I know it might seem hard to not stress over things, but when you really sit down and think about it, you realize that stressing makes everything more stressful.

Here are a list of typical IB struggles you will/might have to go through. There will be two responses. One response will be something a typical overly stressed IB student would do and another response is what you should do.

1. You have a math test tomorrow and you do not understand anything, on top of that you have a 10 minute English presentation that you have to prepare for. What do you do?
A. Spend hours stressing, and stress even more when you realize you've been studying for math for 4 hours and you still do not understand anything.
B. Take 10 minutes out of your time to breathe. Make a cup of tea, or a nice quick snack for yourself.(I usually go with tea because I literally have no snacks in my house.)Write down exactly what you do not understand about math instead of freaking out about what you do not know. Take a nap, then try and get your English presentation out of the way.

2. You have a soccer game, and its the game of the season. Though you still haven't found time to start your English essay and its due tomorrow! What do you do?
A. Spend your whole day stressing in school thinking about whether you should go to your game or skip the game and start right on your essay.
B. During lunch or a study block, if you have one, try and format your essay. Trust me essays are a lot easier to write once you know the order of what you will say and you know what to day. You won't get a lot done in the first hour of writing your essay anyways, so go to the game. An hour and a half game won't take up that much time!

You see its a lot easier to get by our IB life problems without stressing. Both of these scenarios happened to me last year, and I figured out ways around them! If you can tell me one thing that stressing helps with, then you can stress. Though as of now, I can't think of any. Keep calm guys, we're all going to survive this.

Peace. Love. IB.

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