Starting School Tomorrow........Three Weeks Late

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Hey guys! So this is just an update on whats going on in the IB life I live, there's no real advice or anything, but if you're interested in whats going on in my life feel free to read!

Okay, so the teachers strike that has been going on for a couple months now, has finally ended, and we will all be returning to school now, three weeks late. I have been waiting for the strike to end, mainly because if it didn't, I would possibly have to kiss goodbye to my IB Diploma. Although now that it actually is starting, i'm really nervous. Last year was probably the most stressful year of my life, and even thinking about how painful that year was, hurts. I can't blame the year solely on taking IB though, it really was my fault for procrastinating, and hope that I do not make the same mistakes this year. What I need to do this year is come up with a well planned out schedule for myself. As I said before time management is extremely important, so that will be my main focus this year. I signed up for this business program, but i'm still not hundred percent sure I have time for that. I also really want to start a debate club at my school, it can't be that hard, hopefully.

 I think we get our schedules and lockers tomorrow. I pray with all my soul that I get a top locker, having a bottom locker last year really ruined my life, and made me so disorganized I just hope that my homeroom teacher gives me one or I honestly won't know what to do with myself lol. I also would like to have my schedule to be balanced out with both easy and challenging classes on the same day. Last year all of my classes with a lot of homework and studying were on the same day, while my easy classes were on the other day. So one day I'd have a huge amount of homework, and the next day I'd have one worksheet to get done.

My dream schedule would be
Day 1                                                            Day 2
English HL                                                  French SL
Geography HL                                            Chemistry HL
Theatre HL                                                  Math SL                                    
Spare(So I can leave school early)              TOK(In The Morning)

If my schedule is anything like that I will seriously kiss the floor of joy .I'll let you know if it comes close!

This summer I was able to finish most of my extended essay! I have just about the conclusion and abstract left, and I am honestly so proud of myself for not procrastinating! I also got all of my CAS hours and entries done. I might still do some volunteering here or there though! It was honestly a really good summer, but all good things come to an end and now it's finally time to start working!

Senior year, I'm ready for ya.

Peace. Love. IB.


Best of luck with the new school year!

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I'm planning to do IB in the near future. I love your posts, they will be so useful to me!:D
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