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OKAY, so this whole weekend I've spent 99% of my time writing essays or at least trying to write essays and the other 1% eating life cereal, but I just cant do it anymore I CANNOT DO IT. I am lost for words, I have writers block, I dont know I just can't put words together anymore. I finished my second draft of my EE, and I spent most of today trying to write my written assignment for English, which is basically worth my whole life, and yours too if you're writing it right now like me. I honestly cant do it though, I have got nothing written down. I've been reading my rough copy from last year and it is actually a joke I must have wrote it on 30 minutes of sleep or something, but I have no idea how to fix it or turn it around, and its scaring me and ughh whatever. I also have my TOK essay due this friday on the same day of my written assignment, and I have zero idea of how I am actually going to survive that, I honestly have no idea. I am saving my TOK essay for last because I know it'll probably be the easiest to write because I can have personal examples, and actually have fun with it lol, but my English essay, I know it won't be easy. EVERYTHING this month is important, everything counts, EVERYTHING, and I am scared, SOOO scared, this year is moving too fast and I honestly do not know what to do. Well this post is supposed to teach you how to write an IB essay so I might as well try to help you, taking advice from me on this might not be the best idea, but hey why not?

Step 1: Have a good understanding of what you're writing about, do not just jump right into it.
Step 2: Plan out the whole essay, this will make everything 147539834282 times easier, I think the reason why I am having such a a hard time with my written assignment is the fact that i did not plan out any of it. I think I'll try that now lol.
Step 3: Find a quiet place to start writing, PUT AWAY ALL DISTRACTIONS, and play some mellow music in the background(I recommend Radiohead's "Ok Computer" album).
Step 4: GET PAST THE INTRO FAST, once you start everything moves so much quicker, GET PAST THAT WALL.
Step 5: Make sure you are following all of the criteria for the essay, and don't just meet it, EXCEED the criteria, We are all aiming for that A.
Step 6: Once you are done your essay first, throw a parade, feed the homeless,film a movie, star in a movie, change the world, cure cancer, start a campaign to provide education to all children in less developed countries THENNNNN reread your paper, get feedback, and change anything that needs to be changed. But here's a tip, try not to focus to hard on making it "Perfect" alright?


Peace. Love. IB.


Good luck with your TOK essay :)

Also, you may remember joining the blogging community I manage,, two months ago.. We're currently trying to organise a few contributors to write a guest post about senior-year in their country, highlighting the differences and funny experiences they've had dealing with the system. If you'd be interested in doing this, please e-mail me at so I can add you to the list of contributors :)

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