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Hey guys so I have completed my first week of my second year of IB, and all I can say is, it didn't go too badly. I'll try my best to summarize my first week and if you want to skip my whole ramble scroll to the bottom so you can get some tips on time managing!

First Week Of School

Well, the first day of school started off alright. All we did was get our schedules and lockers. I liked my schedule, but I got a bottom locker. Which I was definitely not going to let slide, there's no way in this world that I would be okay with having a bottom locker for another year, not with IB and all of my stuff. Having a top locker makes it a lot easier to keep organized and my goal for this year was to be organized. I won't tell you how, but I now use a top locker, so that problem is solved. My schedule wasn't perfect, but it definitely wasn't bad. My classes are evenly distributed in terms of difficulty so I do not have all of my hard classes on one day and my easy classes on another! I know a lot of you out there have all of your classes on the same day and I truly feel for you! This is how my schedule is!

Day 1
TOK(In the Morning)
IB English HL(For Two Periods)
IB Theatre HL
IB Chemistry HL

Day 2
Spare(So I don't have to be at school until 10am woohoo!!!)
IB Geography HL
IB Math SL
IB French SL

So basically one day I have to be at school at 7am followed by a double block class and the other day I get to come to school at 10am. Sure that might not sound exactly balanced, but I sort of like it that way, one day I wake up super early and the other day I get to sleep in, sounds fair. Although, my school does this weird thing where they rotate around the first three classes every term, for no apparent reason, so I won't be able to sleep in until 9am, every other day, for much longer. I also think I have a good balance of hard and easy classes on both days! I did not want to have both math and geography on the same day, but at least I have a spare on that day, so that could definitely help me in the long run!

This week of school was insanely easy, I don't know if that was because my geography teacher didn't assign a ginormous case study or because I actually started to keep organized and start my homework earlier. I wouldn't say I got a huge amount of homework, but it was defiantly a lot for the first week of school! I started doing this thing where I set a timer for myself to complete every homework assignment, and it seriously works, I recommend you all try it! Unless everyone else has already been doing this and I have just been completely oblivious to this wonderful idea. I will certainly be using this method everyday! I think it works because when I set a timer for myself I get all nervous I won't finish before the timer so it makes me work faster. It's sort of like when you start rushing to finish your homework late at night because you realize 6am is approaching and you have to get ready for school.

So far all of my classes are going really well! I like all the teachers I have, and all the classes I'm in seem pretty interesting already! My locker is super organized and for once I am not a total mess! I hope this whole 'organized' thing won't just last for the first week, because I honestly think that it is helping me a lot.

Time Managing

Hey guys, so as I've said along with every IB teacher, time management is so important. If you have good time management skills you can honestly do anything you want and even set free time for yourself, as long as you're able to manage it. Sometimes it is a good thing to not only have homework on your plate. Having a clean cut schedule with a mixture of clubs, sports, or being apart of organizations is a good thing! Develop a nice routine for yourself, and most importantly give yourself a break! Everyone needs just 30 minutes to relax and listen to music, just zone out for a while and remind yourself why you're doing IB! Here are some tips for time managing!

1. Write in your homework assignments in your planner/agenda and beside each assignment write an estimate of how long it'll take you to complete that assignment.

2. Join clubs, sports, or organizations! Trust me having something to balance everything out with your homework can make everything a lot easier! I mean is a schedule really a schedule if its just filled with various homework assignments?

3. Become used to your routine! Try to follow this routine through the school week and during the weekend try and relax a little, it's not always good to follow the same routine everyday! Give yourself a break once in a while, but still allow yourself to become adjusted to your routine again!

4. Be organized! If your life is a mess, your schedule will become a mess. Trust me, I know from past experiences.

I hope these tips help! Good luck in school and follow for more updates, rants, playlists, and tips!

Peace. Love. IB.

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